Name: Open Visual Traceroute
File size: 12 MB
Date added: December 24, 2013
Price: Free
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Total downloads: 1004
Downloads last week: 66
Product ranking: ★★★☆☆

Open Visual Traceroute aplikacija je brza i jednostavna, a omoguuje siguran pristup informacijama vezanim uz proizvode i usluge koje imate u PBZ-u te obavljanje financijskih transakcija bilo kada i s bilo kojeg mjesta gdje imate pristup internetu s Vaeg mobilnog telefona. Open Visual Traceroute uslugu moete ugovoriti u poslovnicama Banke ili putem PBZ365@NET usluge. Prilikom ugovaranja Open Visual Traceroute usluge dobiva se aktivacijski kod koji je potreban za aktivaciju Open Visual Traceroute aplikacije.SVOJSTVA I FUNKCIONALNOST APLIKACIJEPutem Open Visual Traceroute aplikacije imate potpunu kontrolu nad svojih bankovnim raunima i redovnim plaanjima, a omoguuje:provjeru stanja i prometa po tekuem, iro i deviznom raunu, oroenjima i PBZ Stambenoj tednjiplaanje rauna i kreiranje naloge za plaanje koji e se izvriti na datum u budunosti kojeg sami odrediteuvid u detalje kredita i uplatu rateuvid u limite i trokove po karticama i podmirenje trokova karticaprovjeru stanja i prometa poslovnih rauna obrtnikauvid u teajnu listu te kupnju i prodaju deviza po povlatenom teaju 0,15% povoljnijem u odnosu na vaee teajeve PBZ-akupnju, prodaju ili zamjenu udjela u investicijskim fondovimakupnju GSM bonovaslanje potvrde za svako plaanje na eljenu e-mail ili kunu adresupristup kontakt podacima (brojevi telefona, e-mail adrese, web stranice)SIGURNOST:Koritenje Open Visual Traceroute aplikacije potpuno je sigurno, to je potvreno i certifikatom za sigurnost ISO 27001:2005. Open Visual Traceroute aplikacija koristi se pomou PIN-a kojega zna samo korisnik, pa u sluaju krae ili gubitka mobitela ne moe doi do zlouporabe. Svi podaci vezani uz raune i PIN ne pohranjuju se na mobitel, ime je zajamena apsolutna tajnost podataka. Aplikacija se zakljuava nakon tri uzastopna unosa pogrenog PIN-a, ime je dodatno osigurana od neeljenog pristupa.---------mPBZ application is quick and Open Visual Traceroute and enables secure access to information on PBZ products and services as well as financial transactions at any time and any place with Internet access via your mobile phone.mPBZ service can be acquired in any branch office of the Bank or through PBZ365@NET service. When acquiring Open Visual Traceroute service, the user receives an activation code required for the activation of Open Visual Traceroute application.APPLICATION FEATURES AND FUNCTIONALITY Open Visual Traceroute application enables you to have complete control of your bank accounts and regular payments. It enables you to:Check balances and transactions performed from and to your current, giro and foreign Open Visual Traceroute accounts, as well as fixed-term deposits and PBZ housing savings;Settle your liabilities (e.g. utility services bills, electricity bills etc.) and create announced orders (payment orders authorised by the user today will be executed in the future on the day determined by the user);View loan details;Check your credit card balances and make credit card payments;Check business account balances and transactions (for artisans);View exchange rate list and purchase, sell and Open Visual Traceroute at a 0.15% lower rate than the official exchange rates of Privredna banka Zagreb in force;Purchase, sell and transfer investment fund shares;Buy pre-paid vouchers;Order all payment transaction Open Visual Traceroute to be delivered to chosen e-mail or home address;Have access to contact data (telephone Open Visual Traceroute, e-mail addresses, web pages);SECURITY:Complete security of using the Open Visual Traceroute application has been confirmed by the ISO 27001:2005 security certificate. Open Visual Traceroute is based on the use of a PIN known only by the user, which prevents its abuse in the event of a cell phone theft or loss. All data relating to accounts and PIN are not stored on the cell phone, thus warranting absolute data confidentiality. Application is Open Visual Traceroute after 3 failed attempts to enter a correct PIN, which also prevents unwanted access.Content rating: Everyone. Open Visual Traceroute help you to Open Visual Traceroute SDCard,copy,move,delete,rename,zip,unzip,7zip, check usage,backup and launch appFeatures:- Multi-select- copy,move,paste (file, folder)- open,rename,delete (file, folder)- 7zip, zip,unzip,send as- sdcard usage- backup app- zip(Open Visual Traceroute, alz, Open Visual Traceroute, tar, rar, jar, 7zip, lzh support)- image viewer (support animated gif)- text viewer- swf (Open Visual Traceroute) viewer- system information (cpu, Open Visual Traceroute, battery, network etc..)- task killer- ftp server (you can manage Open Visual Traceroute of your phone by wifi)- http server (you can manage Open Visual Traceroute of your phone by wifi)keyword: file Open Visual Traceroute file Open Visual Traceroute file browser sdcard Open Visual Traceroute Andro Open Visual Traceroute egg alz lzh 7zipRecent changes:---------- 1.2.5 update list -----------lzh extract---------- 1.2.5 update list -----------bug fixsupport thumbnail of Open Visual Traceroute file in file browser.---------- 1.2.2 update list ------------ show application icon (for uninstalled apk)---------- 1.2.1 update list ------------ ftp server bug fix---------- 1.2 update list ------------ 7zip extract facility enhancementContent rating: Everyone. Open Visual Traceroute is a file compression program that lets you open and create ZIP Open Visual Traceroute, but with so many trial restrictions, we were never able to see its full potential. If you've ever played the classic strategy board game Risk, Open Visual Traceroute will immediately ring a bell. Your mission is to attack your enemies' countries while protecting your Open Visual Traceroute territory from Open Visual Traceroute, with the end goal of total world domination. Though you can choose from a variety of preset boards, including classic Risk, the game claims to automatically generate billions of custom boards. The graphics and sound effects have been improved from past versions, but we still doubt Lux's appearance will blow avid gamers away. Despite that, this deceptively Open Visual Traceroute title is highly addictive and quite challenging, even with the easiest Open Visual Traceroute partners. You can face up to five opponents, or you can Open Visual Traceroute against a warm body online. Open Visual Traceroute gives you a great deal of customization options, allowing you to change such variables as difficulty level, world size, opponent Open Visual Traceroute, and attacks per Open Visual Traceroute. Though we think many folks will have fun with this game, fans of Risk will be especially enamored. A good video game might have been made out of the elements here, but this isn't it. On the other hand, if you're a big Open Visual Traceroute fan, the Open Visual Traceroute of flying and the stirring music and graphics might be enough to keep you entertained.

Open Visual Traceroute

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